Hi, I'm Binxu Wang!

I'm a Neuroscience Ph.D. candidate at Washington University in St Louis. Starting 2021 fall, I moved to the Neurobiology program at Harvard Medical School with my advisor Carlos R. Ponce. I'm trying to utilize quantitative and computational thinking to understand our brain and mind (esp. visual system) better. (More about me!)

This is my personal website (under construction...), a logbook of my journey in neuro and ML. I regularly update conceptual notes on various topics in neuroscience, machine learning, and math, which I touched upon during my research and teaching. Technical notes like debugging procedures will be posted here, hope it will be useful for others too. Lastly, I sometimes post essays in blogs. For the fun projects I did, see my portfolio.

Here is a link to my academic / professional website, which describes my research interest and progress more. 

For the full publications list, see Google Scholar.