I’m Binxu Wang. Now I’m in PhD program of Neuroscience in Washington University in St Louis. I get my B.S. in Physics, from Yuanpei College, in Peking University, China, (with additional coursework in Philosophy, Math and CS). During undergrad, I’ve worked with computational neuroscientist Louis Tao. Now I’m trying to utilize the quantitative and computational thinking to understand our brain and mind better.

Personally, I love many intellectually inspiring things!

  • I love the beauty of math, the exploration in the platonic world, the highest intellectual product of human mind.
  • I love human languages, the substrate of thought and the record of the change of society and civilization. (I’m learning French, and have learnt Classical Latin for 2 years.)
  • I love to read about history which remind me of the larger scale of space and time of the world, and and classics which inspire me with the Great Minds in the river of time.
  • Beyond books, I also like to go to art and/or history exhibitions and watch films for fun~